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Going to market in today’s world.

No Resumes, Cover Letters or HR.


Looking for that next job?

Come hear:

Bruce Dreyfus, CEO and Bob Sandt, EVP

"get THAT NEXT job"



9-10 Q&A about Job Transition.

Come Ready to Work!


Dec 13  TBA "Reading the Walls" & Contact Techniques

 9 am - Noon

GSU's Alpharetta Center


Job Hunter, "In every job interview situation someone wins!"  Either the candidate or interviewer, but someone also loses. BSD


Do you want to be the winner?

Conversation vs Confrontation                         Risk vs Reward


We have had a tremendous response to our seminars with Bruce Dreyfus and Bob Sandt.

Such a response that we had to turn people away because we were out of space.  If you are looking to "get that next job," we invite you to come join Bruce, Bob and others to learn the skills and techniques needed to land that job.  

On Oct 11th we will be presenting the third to last of our 4 year series of presentations of our free "Personal Marketing Strategy Program for Transition Candidates: Get That Next Job" Seminar at GSU.

We have had incredible success helping grads seeking their first job, experienced professions and senior executives seek, change and advance in their career using our process.

Come participate on the 11th of Oct, 9-12 at the Alpharetta campus.

If you are in short or long transition, changing careers or thinking about it, going for a promotion or increase in pay, mis-employed, under-employed or just sick and tired of of your job today. Register!

The first hour is q&a, then we will be discussing Interview Techniques and Negotiations and the  "Hidden Job Market" the last hour will present some of our copyrighted Introspection materials.

Come ready to work and we will help you




We have secured space for 12 GSU alumni to attend free of charge for both seminars.  


To RSVP on a first come - first served basis,

please send an email  


Transition Compass® Seminars


Do you want to shorten your time in transition?  


Most of our clients get jobs in 8-10 weeks, not months. 


Come and find out how! Locate those "Hidden Jobs."   Do you want a new job, advancement or promotion or a way out of your current job/career?


Do you want to GET NOTICED?


If you are misemployed, underemployed, miserable in your current job or in transition this seminar is for you! 


If interested contact us @



Presenters: Bruce Dreyfus + Bob Sandt

Possible Attendees  *****If you are planning to attend the seminar, please try to do the introspection materials under the Preparation tab. The more you accomplish the more the seminar will help you. 


Below are some comments from some of our prior participants: 

"I am hopeful again for the first time of finding a job now"

"Idea of Tri-Folds is definitely worth trying because the normal methods have not worked." 

"I now have the tools to get started."

"Going to the decision maker, not the functional managers"   WOW



New dates to be announced.

Email us or call 404-348-0429.

This is our 5th consecutive year of monthly presentations.



Best Practices: "The only total program that shows you step-by-step something new about how to aggressively approach today's job market." Dr. Jason Aldrich




GSU/Alpharetta Campus      

3775 Brookside Parkway   

9 am - Noon    

(404) 413-2200       



Seminar Attendees:

Please attempt to complete the exercises on the link below. 

Roadmap for Success




Robinson Career Management Center

35 Broad Street, Suite 635














Bruce Dreyfus, Managing Partner, COO  Office: 404-348-0429
Robert Sandt,  Executive Vice President     907-570-4077



James Alford, Vice President of Technology







“In every job interview situation, someone loses; either the Candidate, or the Interviewer.”                     Both should and can win!


Seminar Attendees:

Please attempt to complete the exercises on Seminar Preparation button.





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